In our everyday life there are specific situations that obstruct us from leaving our houses

As such it is very important to have preventive telework measures ready for when the moment arrives, companies aren’t taken by surprise.

Nowadays, with the current COVID-19 crisis that affects the whole world, telework became an important weapon to ensure the continuity and sustainability of businesses. In this regard, if your work is done at the computer, you can now work connected to your company, like any other regular day.

  • VPN’s – upon request, depending on infrastructure
  • NAS – upon request, according to amount of information
  • VPS – upon request, depending on utilized softwares
  • Remote Access Software – from 33€+VAT/trimester

We have various options and tools to make telework possible immediately and with really low costs. Contact us, tell us how your company works and we will advise you with the best ways to make telework a viable solution for your company.