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What is our Technical Support all about

Our technical support consists in a maintenance service that can be applied to any computer structure with the main goal of preventing and overcoming all difficulties that may arise, in the fastest way possible! The consistent monitoring provides an additional protection to your company through the implementation of a backup plan.

By a settled fee per month.

Basic plan

Maximum 5 computers + server
35€ /month
Consulting included
  • Basic plan includes:
  • Updates
  • 1h Remote Support (monthly)
  • 10% discount on Technical Support

Plus plan

Maximum 10 computers + server
75€ /month
Consulting included
  • Plus plan includes:
  • Updates
  • 3h Remote Support (monthly)
  • 15% discount on Technical Support
  • Trimestral visit for preventing maintenance/inspection
  • Cloud backup*
  • Free dislocations ≤ 25kms

Pro plan

Maximum15 computers + server
95€ /month
Consulting included
  • Pro plan includes:
  • Updates
  • 6h Remote Support (monthly)
  • 1h of 24/7 emergency support (trimonthly)
  • 1h on-the-spot support (monthly)
  • 20% discount on Technical Support
  • Trimestral visit for preventing maintenance/inspection
  • Cloud backup*
  • Network support
  • Structure management
  • Periodic reports
  • Free dislocations ≤ 50kms

Minimum subscription period of 3 months

*device/server back-up to a cloud, without storage limit. Daily data repository until 90 days.

Didn't find a plan that fitted your company's needs?

We will build taylor made solutions just for you.


The Technical Support contracts include:

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance of computer structures and equipment ensuring the continuity of its utility and performance.

  • Support 24/7

    Support 24/7 via e-mail or phone call to maximize the efficiency of the service, to enhance its quality and to solve problems.

  • Protection

    Planning and implementation of protection solutions for your company’s network.

  • Software

    Instalation, updating or correction of softwares or operative systems.

  • Network

    Functional and efficient construction of a network in the way that it is always optimized to your company’s needs.

  • Backup

    Creation of local or remote backup routines to safeguard your work and files.


Our services provide you a unique set of benefits

  • Control IT costs

    You can control your costs according to your needs and only pay for what you need. If you want to increase or reduce, we’re here for you.

  • IT Consulting

    Through periodic meetings with your IT consultant, you will ensure your company’s readiness to face market challenges.

  • Economies of scale

    As the business grows, the IT structure needs to grow with it. By using a Technical Support service, you can escalate your business with one simple phone call.

  • Efficiency Increase

    The IT service will be provided by a devoted team in your company’s crucial moments. If it justifies, you may also have an additional team monitoring your company.

  • Small Initial Investment

    A Technical Support contract allows you to manage the IT initial investment saving you money with a progressive investment instead of a massive initial investment with the acquisition of software and hardware.

Stop wasting money and time in technology. Let’s start!

(...) Personalized service, proximity, customization, availability, affordability are some of the values that characterize G3Tech. Not only in the service provider way, but also as a business partner. Thank you, G3Tech.
F Almeida Conde, Chairman ACC Systems - September 27th 2019