Guarantee safety without impacting your work rhythm


The computer system from a health clinic holds responsibility for the safe storage of all patients’ information. Medical documents are highly confidential and because of the cyber terrorism era we live in, the administration decided to take some preventive measures.

Health Sector
Network Management, Disaster Recovery Planning


Several servers, several computers and some personal devices from the employees were all included in the clinic’s computer park. How to protect a network and create information backups without impacting the company’s daily routine?


After analyzing , we protected the network with Sophos UTM SG 135, a hardware + software firewall solution.Backup protocols were applied and the information was replicated in real time. Additionally, it was given training to all the employees so they would understand the new network structure and follow safer standards to ensure the information’s security.


The work rhythm wasn’t impacted, the administration and the employees worked together to protect each other information and took the necessary measures not to be victims of a cyber attack.