Protect your network with a reliable backup strategy


A solicitor’s computer system contains a wide range of documents and registrations that must have controlled and protected access. As important as keeping the information safe is to only allow access to those who own the right to it.

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Network Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions


Our first contact happened after the client was a target of a Ransomware attack.

After analyzing the computer park, the procedure to follow was clear: protect the network, implement a solid backup strategy and control the information access.


After analyzing, we decided to configure a Sophos UTM on the client’s headquarters and to install the StorageCraft’s latest version on the server for local backups and off-site.

After that, we provided the employees proper training for a better and faster threat diagnosis and report in the future.


The network is longer under threat of the most common attacks and the files will forever be safeguarded in two different places. Small details like the creation of an independent wireless network was key for the solicitor clients and for the company’s success.