Safety on the production chain, the perfect relation


The computer park complexity from a company in the textile sector and its integration with industrial machinery. How to create the perfect symbiosis between protection and operating restriction.

Textile Sector
Network Safety


A company’s production chain is composed by offices and industrial machinery. That machinery must work 24/7 without interruptions because every stoppage implies a big loss for the company, money-wise. Also it would compromise the deadlines with the clients, meaning it would turn out to be a a very bad situation.

So the question here is: how can we protect a network and the machinery without impacting the everyday life of the company?


After a thorough analysis by our technicians, a Sophos UTM network protection was installed in Iberodye’s headquarters for a better traffic control and optimization with the goal of preventing external threats.

Additionally, 2 Sophos Access Points were installed with the objective of configurating 2 distinctive wireless networks: 1 for the machinery and employes and 1 for the clients. This way, the risk of giving network permission to the network where the machinery is included, is very reduced.


The production chain keeps working in an effective ongoing and problem-free way. This is due to the fact that the firewall’s fluid functioning ensures production continuity. Now, the network is safer and because of that the delays in manufacturing orders and network infrastructure security maintenance are over.